Analyzing Power of Ridicule

How Far anyone’s ridicule should matter to one?

We all are in a rat race or, for some, in a simulation. No matter where we are in, in the end, everyone is chasing something or the other. Still, I believe there are folks out there who want to be a better being, along with achieving their goals.

In a single life, one can not go through with every single experience. We all are time-bound (tick-tock). Despite having such an issue, How come we learn a lot? …hmmm, we start learning from others experiences, perspectives, visions.

It is an apparent fact that Gen-Zs are going through mental health issues. But if one is watering Cactus, so should not expect mangoes. If you will start accepting everybody’s advice and all the way, start working on it as he/she wants. Instead of prioritizing your pleasure, you will end up loathing yourself.

How to make a balance between learning and letting go?

Okay, Before start learning from any so-called caring human’s advice. Converse with you apparently by taunt, allegation, roast etc. Always check rationally by below options or by your own before burning or going high if it’s worth it.

1- First, True to Yourself, because if you are not, this will not work. If anyone blames you for any unusual stuff, compare that blame with your true self and if it’s not matching with you. Common let them be there they are in the previous level of life. Completely ignore his/her wise words, ‘Not interested in becoming wise at the price of our mental health’.

2- Second, But if someones advice or allegations matches your true self, ‘Not a big deal, we are in a process”, fix it and get rid of your bad habit and be your best version. After all, everyone needs an update, so go with that.

Listen, we have heard so many jabbering over self-consciousness. It is good to hold your roots, along with adding fruits to it by learning. But wise learning.



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